About Miss Brandi

Brandi began dancing at three years old in a very small farm town in Michigan at Julienne’s Dance Academy. Ever since her first dance recital, where she danced as a tumbling sailor, it was obvious that dance would take center stage in her life. Her mom would drive miles and miles to take her to study at places like Kalamazoo Ballet, South Bend Ballet, and the prestigious Interlochen Fine Arts Summer Dance Program. After high school, Brandi graduated with a degree in fashion from the Lauderdale Art Institute and became a certified yoga/fitness trainer.

Brandi has taught yoga, fitness and dance to adults and children for over 10 years. In past years, she has danced at Disney World, done a USO tour to Iraq dancing for Kaya Jones, and been in and choreographed numerous music videos and concert dances.

Brandi feels happiest teaching and mentoring children now to become the best dancers they can be. Her dream is to train dancers not just in the classics of dance but in strength, flexibility and fitness. Fitness is so important to integrate with dance to avoid injury and have longevity as a dancer or just in life.

She has now started a studio for competition with Sophie Dance, Studio B. It is important to have a place to nourish the competitive dancer without putting in all the pageantry. Dancers thrive to do their  best when in an environment they are challenged with their peers. It's bringing this energy together and directing it into teamwork, commitment, and goal setting while keeping Studio B's style of dance challenging, creative, and age appropriate for competition.