"Sadly, COVID-19 has put us in the position of having to close one of our 4 doors.  We are doing everything we possibly can to pay our rent and staff this Summer and under the new restrictions can barely make ends meet.  When this is over, we want to come out of this with everyone else.  


Sophie Dance has given back to our community financially for 13 years through generous contributions to Non-Profits that support our city and hosts dozens of children weekly who cannot afford dance class.  Unlike other dance studios, we have NEVER asked for donations of any kind to support our dance studio.  This unprecedented time is calling us to take unprecedented measures.  


If you are able to contribute anything that could assist with the Sophie Dance overhead during this crisis and support a dancer who can no longer afford class, we cannot begin to express our level of gratitude.  Even the smallest contribution will go a long way at this time.  We thank you for your consideration."

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